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No-Brainers for Small Business Websites


Remember when your parents would tell you fifteen times to watch the oven while you were cooking, and you’d nod, roll your eyes and say, “I know, enough already!”? Then two hours, a shower, a home pedicure and one charred turkey breast later, you’d hear the dreaded “I told you so.” Well, we certainly do, and we’re here to help you avoid those moments.

Below are some do’s and don’ts for your small business website and online presence:

Do Don’t
Set aside more of your budget for digital marketing Provide scant information about products/services
Bear in mind that most users trust online reviews as much as they trust personal reviews (think Angie’s List) Omit a “testimonials” page
Consider that most new customers are referrals Neglect SEO
Link your site with social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter Forget to follow basic usability principles and squirrel information away in obscure places
Display your phone number in plain view on multiple pages Put important content on low-traffic pages
Optimize your site for smartphones (your site won’t pull-up properly otherwise) Provide dated information to search directories, like Yellow Pages or Yelp, or fail to update those details when necessary
Use your website as a marketing tool Discount the importance of featuring the details your customer wants to know in a prominent place on your site (i.e. hours, address, pricing, etc.)
Offer coupons, if applicable Use weird or irrelevant subject lines for emails
Remember your target audience when sending emails (usually under-30’s crowd reads/answers via smartphone, over-30’s via laptop) Neglect email as a marketing tool

  Where’s the data to back this up? Slide on over to our friends at Yola to read the 17 Small Business Marketing Statistics that Will Help You Succeed Online.

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