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Guide for WordPress Designers Making Themes

Guide for WordPress Designers Making ThemesThis is an explanation of what types of mockups and layouts a designer should create in order for a developer to build out an awesome WordPress theme. ...

Risk It Indiana

Nothing to lose and everything to gain: Risk It Indiana 2014. Maybe it’s that little idea that’s been idling in the back of your mind for years. Perhaps you’ve been tinkering in your garage on a pet project every night until the stars give way… READ MORE »

When to Redesign Your Website

To paraphrase Heidi Klum, “In the world of technology, one minute you’re in… and the next minute, you’re out.” Tech trends barrel down the pipeline at warp speed in today’s world, and to keep your business’ website apace of the major advances (social media plugins,… READ MORE »

Got Klout?

Got Klout?Here’s what you ought to know: we know who you need to know to get you where you want to go. When it comes to getting the job, the apartment,READ MORE » ...

#IMadeThis: White House to Host a Maker Faire in 2014

Do-It-Yourself is embedded within the fabric of U.S. history and culture: Yankee ingenuity, bootstrapping, the pioneering spirit… Whatever you call the drive to make and re-make and prune and perfect, it all boils down to the very human quest for novelty. We are drawn to… READ MORE »

How inSourceCode Helped the Indiana Small Business Development Center

How inSourceCode Helped the Indiana Small Business Development CenterThe Indiana Small Business Development Center knew it needed to make a change. In a sea of government agencies, it needed to make a splash in a major way –READ MORE » ...

New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

If you’re like me, you’re currently compiling a laundry list of New Year’s resolutions–things you will learn to do or habits you will make the effort to change prior to Jan. 1, 2015…. And if you’re like me, you will feel thoroughly accomplished if you… READ MORE »

Indy Holiday Traditions

Like the little girl from Elf, “I’m a human… raised by humans,” but I think it’s safe to say I share Buddy’s affinity for elf culture. Since Halloween, I have been blasting holiday music, baking cookies, and scaring every mall Santa I come across by… READ MORE »

Indy Tech Networking: Verge

Is “Defying Gravity” your not-so-secret jam? Do you enjoy pushing the envelope, testing your limits and doing the impossible simply because you can? Are you an entrepreneur, software developer or startup investor? Then I’ve found your new best friend. Actually, I’ve found 1700 new best… READ MORE »

When is the Best time to Send Marketing Emails?

At this point in time, I currently have four email accounts: two for work, one for school and one for junk mail. If I read every message I receive every day (conservative estimate: 110), I’d have a third full-time job. Although I’m a youngin’ in… READ MORE »

The Truth About Why Healthcare.gov isn’t on WordPress

The Truth About Why Healthcare.gov isn't on WordPressMy friend, Peter Slutsky from Automattic, was quoted in an article in Politico where the author, Dylan Byers, asked the question ‘Why didn’t the White House use WordPress?’ He’s referring to theREAD MORE » ...

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