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Project Coordinator

inSourceCode was founded to challenge today’s perfection by developing remarkable technology. We build life-changing apps, create cool things with WordPress and produce world-class design. Everyone at inSourceCode is an all-star and has a passion for something greater. You will never meet a more honest or… READ MORE »

WordCamp Chicago: Color Theory for Web Developers from @CondeNast

Aaron Jorbin is the Technical Architect on the Conde Nast Platform Team and is a WordPress Contributor. Follow him. Color is both Science and Art Color is Science because people perceive colors differently. Rods and cones. Monochromacy. Dichromacy. Anomalous Trichromacy. Red/Green color blindness. Color is… READ MORE »

WordCamp Chicago: WordPress Security with @PerezBox

Tony Perez started WordCamp Chicago with a presentation about security. He is the CEO of Sucuri and spends his days working on intrusion detection, remediation, and web security. Four Killer WordPress Security Plugins as recommended by @PerezBox: Stopping hacks starts with forcing strong credentials. Login… READ MORE »

Fight for Small: Bringing Small Businesses to Online Main Street

Paris, Tokyo, Orlando, Anaheim, Hong Kong. No matter which Disney Park you travel to in the world, the main drag of the Disneyland or Magic Kingdom portion is known as Main Street, U.S.A. Populated with hat shops, confectionaries, soda parlors and old-school arcades, Disney’s Main… READ MORE »

Summer Internship: Fight for Small

Job Description We are looking for 9 rockstar summer interns who will be split into three teams to help bring small businesses across the state of Indiana into the digital age. Shocking, but true: in 2014, 53% of small businesses in Indiana do not have… READ MORE »

Risk It Indiana

Nothing to lose and everything to gain: Risk It Indiana 2014. Maybe it’s that little idea that’s been idling in the back of your mind for years. Perhaps you’ve been tinkering in your garage on a pet project every night until the stars give way… READ MORE »

When to Redesign Your Website

To paraphrase Heidi Klum, “In the world of technology, one minute you’re in… and the next minute, you’re out.” Tech trends barrel down the pipeline at warp speed in today’s world, and to keep your business’ website apace of the major advances (social media plugins,… READ MORE »

Got Klout?

Got Klout?Here’s what you ought to know: we know who you need to know to get you where you want to go. When it comes to getting the job, the apartment,READ MORE » ...

#IMadeThis: White House to Host a Maker Faire in 2014

Do-It-Yourself is embedded within the fabric of U.S. history and culture: Yankee ingenuity, bootstrapping, the pioneering spirit… Whatever you call the drive to make and re-make and prune and perfect, it all boils down to the very human quest for novelty. We are drawn to… READ MORE »

How inSourceCode Helped the Indiana Small Business Development Center

How inSourceCode Helped the Indiana Small Business Development CenterThe Indiana Small Business Development Center knew it needed to make a change. In a sea of government agencies, it needed to make a splash in a major way –READ MORE » ...

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